Estienne d'Orves - Exterior - Louis Denavaut
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Surface area

40m² transformés en 100m²




Salem Mostefaoui | DePasquale+Maffini

About This Project

At the gateway of Paris, we took great pleasure in designing an outdoor rooftop. At first glance, the project could seem somewhat unrealistic, but we managed to get all the necessary paperwork.

Because of cost and time constraints, we built the wood frame with industrial wood. Its simple and honest shape fits into a motley urban decor, reminiscent of the architecture of Paris’ inner suburbs.

The volume was shaped around the rooftop, the glazed facades welcome sunlight from morning until dark, whereas the closed facades turn their backs to any building opposite. This roof terrace offers an unobstructed urban skyline whilst offering a hanging garden at the heart of an urban jungle, like a tree house.