Offices Chauchat - Louis Denavaut
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Cage escalier, murs habillés de cadres réalisés en tasseaux de bois style bon marché. Inspiré par Andrée putman Palier immeuble de bureaux style bon marché avec carrelage damier, chemin d'escalier vert. Inspiré par Andrée Putman Hall immeuble de bureaux . Lustre disque en laiton effet miroir. Parquet teinté motif tribal, poignées de portes "bâton de maréchal" Cour intérieure immeuble de bureaux. Mur végétalisé en tôle perforée. Appliques lumière Sammode Studios. Jardinière en faïence Porche d'entrée immeuble bureaux. Éclairage feuille laiton, light design. Immeuble d'Andrée Putman, rue Chauchat, Paris

In progress





About This Project

When we were entrusted with the task of converting an old residential building into offices, we were thrilled. The challenge was even more tempting as Andrée Putman used to work at that address.

The client wanted to keep the memory of the creator alive. That’s how we decided to pay tribute to her by reproducing the iconic escalators of the Paris department store Le Bon Marché in the building’s interior courtyard.

We also reproduced some tribal patterns painted on the communal areas’ wooden floors, by taking inspiration from her work for the Concorde, without overly stressing the black and white.

The project owner entrusted us here with the task of designing communal areas.

We offered to play with the lights from the street so that the building could make a subtle nod to passersby.

These custom panels, created in a workshop, have the double benefit of reducing the duration of the construction and adapting flawlessly to the existing structure.