Pyrénées - Louis Denavaut
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Séjour, avec chambre ouverte. Cloison avec étagères en verre traversante Cuisine ouverte, bar / plan de travail en Kerrock, vaisselier moderniste 1960 Chambre Van Gogh, lit breton en bois, plafond peinture bleu pétrole, 1960 Cuisine ouverte, rénovation appartement, radio Dieter Rans Entrée, couloir, rénovation appartement, vide-poches



30 m²




Sébastien Michelini

About This Project

In the Rue des Pyrénées street in Paris, a small flat frozen in the 60s opened its door for us. These small flats with a limited budget are much too often furnished by global furniture giants who can only offer generic interiors.

Here, by chance, everything had been carefully maintained as it was, so much so that it was obvious for us that we needed to restore the furniture by operating a slight transformation.

A reasoning that perfectly fit the client’s budget as it was a small flat intended for a student.

Once the kitchen was opened, the furniture enhanced and covered with resin for a low-maintenance result, we decided to paint the ceiling with petrol blue to save the contour and profile and offer some character to a student studio.