Hartford Lyon - a minimal retail store layout | Louis Denavaut
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110 m²




Jean-Baptiste Thiriet

About This Project

A new concept for the Hartford brand which, after several years of absence, has decided to reopen a boutique in the city of Lyon. Hartford is a brand established in 1979 that reinterprets the classics of the American wardrobe with a modern touch.

The concept of this project was to keep the existing state of the walls, raw, painted in white like the famous New York White Boxes. Each technical element is apparent.

Against the walls, walnut screens are placed like objects, offering either shelves, rods or wall coverings, all reminiscent of the shape of old American frameworks. Walnut is a precious wood that contrasts with the brutality of the surrounding walls.

Three pieces made to measure in vibrated stainless steel bring a touch of modernity, placed like sculptures in the heart of the sales area, they bring a certain visual vibration.

Warm thanks to Desselle&Partners.