Marquis - Youssef Marquis Paris offices | Louis Denavaut
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Entrance hall with flowers onto a pink marble base in the offices the Youssef Marquis agency Meeting room with burnt desk and mackintosh chairs in the offices of Youssef Marquis agency Perspective view with contrast between black and white rooms in offices of Youssef Marquis agency Circular entrance hall with pink walls in the offices Youssef Marquis agency Showroom with swivel mirror within the offices of Youssef Marquis agency Black linen Sofa against a wall in haussmannian miror in the offices of Youssef Marquis agency Kitchen with pink limewashed walls in the offices of Youssef Marquis agency Desk made with burnt wood by Louis Denavaut for Youssef Marquis Chair made by Guillaume Mathiaut behind a desk made with burnt wood in the offices of Youssef Marquis agency. Arno Declercq chair at the end of corridor with pink curtain stores along windows in the offices of the Youssef Marquis agency



220 m²


Nicolas Matheus

About This Project

Youssef Marquis entrusted us with the interior design of his new Paris offices, the MARQUIS agency with the LVMH group.

His singular interior design stems from the agency’s activity, which brings together the worlds of fashion, luxury and entertainment in the broadest sense, representing brands such as CLOSED and JACQUEMUS.

All the furniture except the chairs was custom-designed for the project, enabling us to create a reassuring space with a certain spirit of freedom.

The project’s challenge, beyond its use, was to bring together totally different eras and places in a Haussmannian space.

Between radicalism and softness, a surprising harmony of pink and black contribute to a strong identity that reinvents the office world.

Thanks to Desselle&Partners.